1KG Create Your Own BON BON Mix

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At Warners, our knack for selecting the finest sweets is evident as our mixed bags vanish from the shelves in a blink. Yet, being the legends that we are, we dare you to outshine us by crafting your own personalized bag of bliss. Here, you have the power to choose from a delectable selection of ten distinct sweets. Indecision may strike, as the choices unfold before you. Will you dive into a world of fizzy delights or opt for a balanced mix? Perhaps you desire both the slithering snakes and the tantalizing cola bottles, but what if the snakes devour the bottles? Creating your own perfect pick 'n' mix may seem effortless at first, but as you contemplate, the challenge becomes thrillingly intricate. Embrace the journey of sweet exploration, and let your taste buds revel in the ecstasy of choice.