1Kg Millions Mix

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Introducing the ultimate confectionery adventure: Millions Mix Master!

Delight in the freedom to curate your very own 1kg bag of these tiny, chewy treats, offering a kaleidoscope of flavors and colors to tantalize your taste buds.

Dive into a world of vibrant colours and delectable tastes as you craft your custom blend. Picture a spectrum of colors, from radiant reds to zesty oranges, sunny yellows to lush greens, deep blues to regal purples, and everything in between. Each colour represents a unique flavor experience, ensuring every mouthful is a thrilling surprise.

Indulge in classic flavors like juicy strawberry, watremelon, bubbglegum and vimto. Savor the nostalgia of childhood with timeless favorites with the majority of flavors to choose from, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

With Warner's commitment to quality, every bite of your custom mix is a testament to the artistry and joy of confectionery craftsmanship. Treat yourself to a personalized symphony of sweetness with the Millions Mix Master – because when it comes to indulgence, the sky's the limit!